Monthly Tuition for 2018-2019

45 minutes per week      $ 35.00

1 hour per week               $ 45.00

1.5 hours per week          $ 67.50

2 hours per week            $ 85.00      save $5

2.5 hours per week         $102.50

3 hours per week            $120.00      save $15

3.5 hours per week         $135.00

4 hours per week            $150.00      save $30

4.5 hours per week         $162.50

5 hours per week            $175.00      save $50

5.5 hours per week         $185.00

6 hours per week            $195.00      save $75

6.5 hours per week         $202.50

7 hours per week            $210.00      save $105

7.5 hours per week         $215.00

8 hours per week            $220.00      save $140

9+ hours per week          $225 cap

Tuition is due the 1st of each month.  Late fees will be automatically added after the 5th.  You may set up Auto-Pay through your parent portal.  All credit card payments (in studio or online) are subject to fees.

Family Discount:  First dancer will pay full tuition then one  additional dancer will receive 15% off their monthly tuition.  If you have more than 2 dancers in your family, the dancer with the least number hours per week will receive the discount.  One discount per family.  Families also have a discounted registrations fee.

***KINGS KREW MICRO, MINI, MIGHTY and JUNIOR are all priced per hours/week.  KINGS KREW ELITE, EVOLVE PETITE, EVOLVE JR and EVOLVE are all a flat $55/month and are not subject to any discounts.

Private Lessons

Dancers may schedule private lessons with an instructor of their choice

Rates: $55/hour or $30/half hour

Payment needs to be made at the time of the class and payable to the studio. Discounts are given for prepaid packages.

Choreography / Solos / Competition Pieces / etc

Please talk directly with Eileen King to coordinate times and pricing.

Studio Rental & Birthday Parties

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