Whether you are looking for Hip Hop or Jazz, Acro or Contemporary, Ballet or Lyrical - for littles through adults - we have classes for you!  We are bringing back all your favorite classes and are excited to be adding some new ones.  

Take a look at the schedule and check the course description for details.    Pricing can be found here.

Class Schedule



We are preparing for Legacy in Motion 10

SUMMER SIX schedule will be this Spring - follow us on Facebook to stay in the loop!



9:45-10:30         Pre-Ballet 1 (ages 3-5) +

3:45-4:30          Pre-Ballet 2  (ages 4-7) +

4:30-5:30          Jazz 1  (ages 8+)

5:30-6:30          King's Krew Micro  

6:30-8:00          King's Krew Mighty

8:00-9:30          Evolve 



3:45-4:30          Beg Tricks & Tumbling (ages 5+)

4:30-5:30          Dance Fusion 2  (ages 7+)

5:30-6:30          Hip Hop 1   (ages 7+) 

6:30-7:30          Jazz 2   **

7:30-8:30          Int/Adv Acro **

8:30-9:30          Jazz 3   ** 



3:45-4:30          Hip Hop Tots 2  (ages 4-7)

4:30-5:30          Hip Hop 2    (ages 10+) **

5:30-7:00          King's Krew Mini  

7:00-8:30          King's Krew Juniors  

8:30-10:00        King's Krew Elite  



10:15-11:00         Intro to Dance   (ages 2.5+)

3:15-4:00           Hip Hop Tots 1 (ages 3-5)

4:00-5:30          Evolve Petite  

5:30-7:00          Evolve Jr  

7:00-8:30          King's Krew Juniors 

8:30-9:30          Adv Lyrical Jazz   **



3:30-4:30            Ballet 1  (ages 7+)

4:30-5:30            Hip Hop 3   (ages 13+/adults)

5:30-6:30            Int Tricks & Tumbling **

6:30-7:30            Kidz Hip Hop (ages 9+)

7:30-8:30            Hip Hop  (college/adult)



9:00-10:00            Dance Fusion 1 (ages 4+)

10:00-11:00           Teens & Tots   (ages 6+) 

11:00-12:00           Beg/Int Lyrical Jazz

                                    (2-3 yrs Jazz experience needed)

12:00-1:00            Teacher Assistant Class  

                                    (by teacher recommendation)

1:00-2:00             Int Contemporary  (teens/adult)



9:00-3:00            Open Blocks for Studio Rental -

                                    inquire if you are interested

5:30-6:30            Hip Hop (college/adult) 




+ Pre-Ballet is for ages 3-7.   Numbers 1 & 2do NOT indicate skill level.  The morning Pre-Ballet classes will be more ideal for ages 3-5 where the afternoon Pre-Ballet will be geared for ages 4-7.  

All King's Krew and Evolve groups are filled by audition  - open auditions are held each June.


Classes are subject to change up until September 4th as we fine tune.  Thanks!

Online Registration is open on 9/8/18 - AFTER the in-house registration night, September 5th. 

Some classes WILL fill up, so please come to registration night to assure you are enrolled in your first choices. 

If you've danced with us in the last 12 months, you already have an online account and do not need to create a new one.  If you have trouble locating your online account/parent portal, please contact Michelle at 541-517-2274

If you mail in or drop off your registration, it will be processed during registration night and must include the registration fee of $25/individual or $35/family.   If the class you want is full, please join our waitlist and we will contact you to discuss our options!

September's Tuition is due with your registration.  Monthly Tuition beginning in October is due by the 1st of each month.  Late fees will be automatically assessed after the 5th of each month.  You may set up Auto-Pay in your parent portal.  All credit card transactions, online and in the studio, are subject to fees.     Tuition in June is prorated.


Questions? Contact Eileen at 541-954-5740