Monthly Tuition for 2019-2020

45 minutes per week      $ 35.00

1 hour per week               $ 45.00

1.5 hours per week          $ 67.50

2 hours per week            $ 85.00      save $5

2.5 hours per week         $102.50

3 hours per week            $120.00      save $15

3.5 hours per week         $135.00

4 hours per week            $150.00      save $30

4.5 hours per week         $162.50

5 hours per week            $175.00      save $50

5.5 hours per week         $185.00

6 hours per week            $195.00      save $75

6.5 hours per week         $202.50

7 hours per week            $210.00      save $105

7.5 hours per week         $215.00

8 hours per week            $220.00      save $140

9+ hours per week          $225 cap

Tuition is due the 1st of each month.  Late fees will be automatically added after the 5th.  You may set up Auto-Pay through your parent portal (preferred)  All credit card payments (in studio or online) are subject to fees.

Annual Registration fee: $30/per year for first dancer. $5 per additional dancer in the family.

This fee covers more than just processing the registration. It also covers your dancer’s insurance, music licensing fees, and studio communication costs. It also allows us to hold extra rehearsals without additional costs to you.

Family Discount:  First dancer will pay full tuition then one  additional dancer will receive 15% off their monthly tuition.  If you have more than 2 dancers in your family, the dancer with the least number hours per week will receive the discount.  One discount per family.  Families also have a discounted registrations fee.

***KINGS KREW MICRO, MINI, MIGHTY, JUNIOR and ELITE are all priced per hours/week.  EVOLVE PETITE, EVOLVE JR and EVOLVE as well as the COMPETITION TEAMS are all a flat $55/month and are not subject to any discounts.

Private Lessons

Dancers may schedule private lessons with an instructor of their choice and prices may vary

Standard Rates: $55/hour or $30/half hour

Payment needs to be made at the time of the class and payable to the studio. Discounts are given for prepaid packages.

Choreography / Solos / Competition Pieces / etc

Please email us for pricing.

Studio Rental & Birthday Parties

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