Looking to Rent Space?


Studio features: Spring marley floor, iPod, CD, Tapedeck, and speaker system, Full length Mirrors, Ballet Bars

Rental Specifications: Dance Floor 1,600 sq ft, 2 Bathrooms, Dressing Room, Sitting area 

Rental price: $20/hr


Birthday Parties and More

Plan your next party, meeting or gathering of any kind at Unity! We offer two-hour parties on Fridays after 7 pm, Saturdays after 2:30pm and Sundays before 2pm. All children birthday parties are supervised by one of our excellent instructors. For the first 30 minutes, she or he will lead children in various fun activities, incorporating dance and music throughout, including:

  • Instruments

  • Scarves

  • Parachutes

  • Spring Marley floor and tumble mats

  • Ballet barres

  • Animal masks and dress-up

  • And much more!

Afterwards, it is time for cake and refreshments led by parents. Your instructor will leave some games and equipment available for children and guests to play with and use for the remainder of the party. We provide setup of chairs and up to 3 tables for guests as well as clean up afterwards. Please bring your choice of refreshments (we have a microwave for warming food), decorations and plasticware.



Two-hour party (includes setup and cleanup): $125

Two-hour party with instructor and activities: $160 (Your birthday child will receive a Unity School of Dance t-shirt as our special gift to you)

Up to 12 children

After 12 guests additional children are $5.00 per child. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before party time.

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