Studio Drop Off and Pick Up

Child Care is not available on studio premises. Dancers and parents should not arrive more than 10 minutes before their scheduled class.  Dancers under the age of 13, should be picked up at dismissal time. Unity and their teachers are not liable for your child’s supervision outside of class time.

Class Observation

All of our classes for children ages 4 and older are closed to observation until the final 10 minutes of class, where  you are welcome to sit along the mirror. Spectators can be a distraction and we want to respect our dancers and their desire to express themselves freely. We allow parents to stay and sit quietly behind the wall in our lobby area,  but ask that you do not interact with your child or their teacher until class is dismissed.  We encourage you to cheer and show your support for our dancers during that last 10 minutes of class.  We would also appreciate you refrain from taking pictures or videotaping of the whole class without permission.  Anything you do post with permission, please tag us!  The studio and it's teachers will be taking pictures or filming their classes throughout the year.  Follow us on Facebook & Instagram for these clips.  

Registration and Class Commitment

We have open house and registration September 5th, 2018 from 5:00pm-7:00pm for the season that runs September - June.  You can come meet our teachers and .sign up for classes.  Many of our classes will fill up on registration day, so we advise you enroll on that day to avoid being wait-listed. Online registration will not open until after our open house but you can mail in your registration if you can not make it that evening. Registration is $25 for a single dancer or $35 for a family.  This fee is collected from all incoming dancers regardless of what month you begin and is not prorated. If you begin and pay your registration fee in September, your June tuition is waived.  This is because classes begin mid-September but are not prorated. We also do not prorate for holidays, winter or spring break but we also do not charge beyond our recital fee for extra rehearsals in preparation for performances.  Your enrollment is month-to-month however, in order to not be charged for a class, you must drop it before the month begins.


We accept cash, personal checks and debit/credit cards.  We also accept payments online through your parent portal.  Tuition is due on or before the 5th of each month.  A late fee of $10 will be accessed to your account for any payments made after the 5th. Any dancer with a balance of more than 60-days late, may be dropped from their classes and their spot filled from the wait-list, they will also be asked to use auto pay for the remainder of  the year (credit card fees will apply).  Dancers with outstanding balances are not able to perform at our recitals or company shows.  A fee of $25 will be accessed for all returned checks. There are additional fees for debit/credit card payments made either online or in person, and for auto-pay.

Prorated, Refund Policy and Missed Classes

If you do not register in September, you will still pay the full registration fee but will be prorated for the month you begin.  If you register online, you will need to contact the bookkeeper to manually adjust your first month's tuition as the system is defaulted to charge full month rates.   You will then also be charged for a partial month in June.  Unity does not offer refunds. We also do not prorate for missed classes.  For missed classes, we encourage you to take a make-up class.  If you miss too many classes, you may want to schedule a private lesson with your teacher. Those rates per hour vary and should be scheduled directly with the teacher.

Canceled Classes

All classes that do not have a minimum of 5 students enrolled, may be canceled at Eileen’s discretion.  If a class is canceled, you will be asked to enroll in another class that is age/level appropriate.  If this new class schedule does not work for you, you will be issued a prorated refund.

Holidays and Canceled Lessons

We are closed for Thanksgiving, winter and spring break as well as Easter Sunday.  If we must  close due to weather, we will send out an email as well as update social media.  We do not refund/prorate for weather closure and our make-up policy still applies.  If we  have to cancel a lesson due to studio conflict or due to illness, we will attempt to schedule a make-up day and time for that class.  If you are unable to make the new day/time, you may ask about taking a different class as a make-up.  We do not offer discounts or prorate tuition for these very rare occasions.  

We are closed for:     

Thanksgiving (November 22 - 25)             

Winter Break  (December 22 - January 5)

Spring Break (March 25 - 30)

Easter Sunday (April 21)

We are OPEN:  Veteran’s Day (November 12),. Martin Luther King Day  (January 21), President’s Day (February 18)

We are NOT closed and DO operate on our regular schedule on all other holidays, school holidays or in-service/conference days.  You should check our Facebook page for updates but just because you don’t have school, doesn’t mean we are closed.  We are generally holding regular classes.

June/Rehearsal Schedule

For those that enroll in September, your June tuition is waived.  Anyone enrolling after September, will have a prorated June tuition at 50%.   Beginning on or near June 1st, our studio schedule changes to a rehearsal schedule.  We try to keep the schedule close to the "regular" schedule but instead of single classes, we have blocks of classes rehearse together to prepare for the show/recital.  A June schedule will be emailed and posted in May.  When the studio has a winter recital, we may have the 2 weeks leading up to the recital change to accommodate a rehearsal schedule and that will be emailed out the month before.


Most of our information is sent out via email and/or made available through your parent portal.  It is important that we have a current email address on file. We can send to multiple email addresses, so please talk to the Office Manager about setting this up to your liking.  We ask that you have our email address listed in your contacts to prevent information getting sent to your spam file.  We also need the dancer cell number as well as the parent for text updates.  Should your number change mid-year, please notify the studio.  We also post updates to our Facebook and Instagram accounts and will keep important information available at the studio as well as posted on our bulletin board in the lobby.  Please follow us Facebook and on Instagram for updates, pictures and more.  Instagram @unityschoolofdance @kingskrew @evolvedancecompany  You may email us at unityschoolofdance@gmail.com or call/text us.  Contact information below.

Parent Portal

Information regarding the new Parent Portal will be emailed to our dance families.  If you've danced at the studio anytime since 2017, you should already have an account online.  If you need assistance with logging into your portal or if you have billing questions, please contact Michelle.  Statements sent from the software will have all your charges, even if they are not due at the time.  These statements can be confusing but you can log into your account to see details or request a printed copy.

Unity Costumes and Fees

Costumes are approximately $50 per dance.  Each class will typically have 2 dances in the spring recital in June.  Please budget to pay for costume fees: 1 on October 29th, 2018, 1 on April 1st.  We also have a $40 recital fee per dancer per recital - 1 in Winter, 1 in Spring.   Parents will be asked to verify the dancer’s costume sizes. If we must exchange your costume for a different size, a fee of $20 will be charged.  If you are in the winter recital in addition to our June recital - please keep your costumes stage-ready as they will be used for both shows.  If you enroll after January 1st, you will need to talk to your teachers about which dances you will perform in June and buy costumes accordingly.


Family Discount:  First dancer will pay full tuition then one additional dancer will receive 15% off their monthly tuition.  If you have more than 2 dancers in your family, the dancer with the least number hours per week will receive the discount.  One discount per family.  Families also have a discounted registrations fee.

What do you need for class?

Appropriate clothing and shoes. Clothing should be comfortable and modest. For technique class, dancers typically wear more form fitting choices, such as, shorts, leotards, spandex pants, tank tops, more fitted shirts, etc., so that the teacher can see and correct your lines.  For Ballet, please wear ballet shoes - we typically ask for pink ballet shoes for performances. For Jazz class, you may wear socks, pirouettes or jazz shoes - we typically ask for black jazz shoes without laces for performances but at times have requested nude.  For Hip Hop class, we prefer shoes that are not street shoes and without black soles but at a minimum should be clean and dry and should not leave markings on the dance floor - we typically ask for all white shoes without color accents or logos.  For company classes (Kings Krew); you will have your company shoes for performances but for class, you may wear any comfortable shoe as well as pirouettes or socks for your technique section.  You should also bring your own water bottle.  We have a water cooler you may use to refill your bottle.  We generally have water bottles for sale at the studio should you forget.

Lost and Found

Each month, we have an abundance of really nice items left behind.  We ask that you please take home all your belongings with you after each class. Anything left behind, including your expensive water bottles, will be placed in the lost and found.  If you have labeled all your items, we will attempt to get them back to you.  However, on the 10th of each month, all items will be donated to charity..

Dancer’s Belongings

We ask that you store your dance bags in the dressing room during your classes.  Please refrain from using the lobby as your changing room. If you have brought in outside food or drink, please be mindful of any messes you may create and place all trash in the garage receptacle.  We ask that dancers DO NOT check their phones during class, including during water breaks.  Leave the outside world at the door!


We will have a “menu” of items for you to order from periodically throughout the season.  Beyond ordering at these times, we carry a  limited amount of merchandise.  We appreciate you showing your support by wearing our gear! 

Recital and Show dates for 2018/2019:

Unity Winter Recital at LCC - December 16th, 2018

King’s Krew Winter Show  at LCC - January 19th 2019

Legacy in Motion 10 (recital) at LCC - June 14th & 15th 2019

King’s Krew Spring Show  - June 2019


Contact Information:

Unity School of Dance  543 Centennial Blvd Springfield, OR 97477

Website: www.UnitySchoolofDance.com   Facebook: Unity School of Dance

Instagram: @unityschoolofdance  @kingskrew @evolvedancecompany

For general information or questions, please email: unityschoolofdance@gmail.com

If you need an immediate answer or are reporting an absence, please text or call:  Eileen King - Owner and Director (541) 954-5740

For billing questions, please text or call: Michelle Jacobson - Office Manager/Billing (541) 517-2274



Printable Policy Sheet

Company Policies for King's Krew/ Evolve