Dance Fusion

This class is designed for students that are new to dance.  This combo class consists of Jazz, Hip Hop and Tumbling.  This provides the students with exposure to multiple dance forms. Children will learn the joy of expressing themselves through movement, song and dance in these exciting classes!  No experience required.

Intro To dance

This class is designed for students 2 years and older to explore dance through creative movement, and use of instruments and props. This provides students with exposure to multiple dance forms. Children learn the joy of expressing themselves through moment, song and dance in this exciting class! No experience required. 

*This class is not offered in the Summer.  Dancers will want to take either Pre-Ballet or Dance Fusion 1


In our ballet classes, we focus on building a strong foundation with an emphasis on proper vocabulary and technique.   Students will work on body placement, lines and extensions through use of the ballet barré combinations, across-the-floor and center combinations.  We offer Pre-Ballet for children over the age of 3, where we begin the basics and get the dancers familiar with the art of Ballet.  Ballet 1 is an introductory class for elementary school students to begin their dance journey.  We also offer an Int/Adv Ballet for Teens & Adults.  This class will focus on more advanced technique and body awareness.


These classes are designed to showcase a dancer's individual style and originality. Consisting of both high energy and upbeat popular music, students will learn how to combine fast, intricate footwork, graceful spins and aerobic floor work. Students will also learn technique and strengthen their ability to learn high-end choreography. Jazz 2 and 3 will be structured and taught similar to lyrical jazz class.

Lyrical Jazz / contemporary

Lyrical Jazz and Contemporary are both deep, personal, emotional styles of dance.  Lyrical Jazz is known by its connected and graceful movement of the body.  It is a specific style of jazz that connects movement and music together by illustrating emotion through each movement.   



Our Acro classes introduce a skill that is unique in the way it seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics.  In these classes, you will learn everything from tricks and tumbling passes to combining skills to make one fluid movement.  Int/Adv Tricks & Tumbling is for students that already have an intermediate to advanced level of skill, such as back walkovers, front handsprings and working on aerials.  When offered, our Adv Dance Acro is for the more experienced and older student that has already mastered the basics and is currently working on back handsprings, flips and more intricate combinations and tumbling passes set them to music.  If you are not yet ready for these classes, we also have a beginning class where they can begin their study in Acro with the basics. 


Our Hip Hop Tots class is a great way to introduce younger students to Hip Hop and Breakdancing. Using age appropriate music and activities to engage our student to learn a fun combo that we build onto each week.   Hip Hop is an high-energy class that infuses the latest styles of street dancing, breaking, popping and locking.   Hip Hop 1 is for our beginners ages 8+.  Hip Hop 2 dancers are ages 10+ and should have 2 year of hip hop experience or a firm grasp of hip hop fundamentals and terminology.  Hip Hop 3 is for teenage and adult dancers that want to continue to build on their skills.  All our Hip Hop classes will encourage students to bring their own individual style and personality to the choreography.

Teens & Tots Hip-HoP

This class was our MOST POPULAR class last year at Unity! This creative class combines both older teens with our younger dancers to create partner hip hop pieces throughout the year. It encourages students to work together, support one another, and learn side by side with the instructor.   Teens must talk to the instructor before registering.

This class is not offered in the summer

int/adv Breakdancing


Breakdancing is an energetic form of dance known for it’s intricate footwork, isolations and groundwork.  In this class, dancers will learn the basics of this fun style and combine different movements into a fluid piece.  Whether you are newer to breakdancing or an experienced b-boy/b-girl, you’ll be able to build on your skills with this class as we learn TopRocks, Freezes, Kip-Ups, Steps, Pop & Lock and more.  As you get comfortable with this style, you can create more complex combinations and add more moves to your repertoire.  If you are on the stage or in a cypher, breakdancing moves are sure to impress. 


Please see Eileen for more information.  Ages 11+  Only offered during the regular dance season

SUMMER ONLY CLASSES                                                               

Summer classes are drop in.  see our summer six page for information on punch cards and unlimited class passes.  each week is new choreography!


Partner Hip Hop is an intermediate/advance hip hop class for teens & adults.  Learn to work with a partner side by side with instructions.  


This hip hop class is for teen & adult dancers comfortable learning at a fast pace.  Because it is geared for older dancers, music may be unedited.  


In this class, dancers will focus on intricate footwork, isolations and groundwork.  Combining street jazz/house hip hop with breakdance fundamentals.  This is a fast paced classes designed to challenge older dancers.


This class will reinforce the fundamentals of different leaps and turns.  This class is ideal for beginning to intermediate dancers, especially those in Evolve Petite.


Designed as more of an advanced leaps & turns, older dancers (teen & adult) will work on technique while also staying conditioned during the summer break.  Maintain your flexibility and stay in shape with this class.   This class is highly recommended for Evolve Jr & Evolve company dancers.


Latin, Jazz Funk & Hip Hop fused with a dash of ballroom creates a dynamic class full of energy.  This class is something unique only offered in the Summer.


A Summer favorite - this class is more groovy than our normal hip hop classes.  Bringing a more R&B flair, teen & adult dancers will learn a fun fast piece each week.